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Think Efficiency 2023

Acara kolaborasi antara Shell Indonesia dengan SRE Indonesia untuk mendorong inovasi di bidang energi, tribologi, dan digitalisasi

About SRE

There is a gap between knowledge and Indonesia’s target in renewable energy that we are trying to solve. With that spirit, SRE was born in 2019, building upon other energy non profits (incl. Tenun Renewables circa 2017). Our goal is to accelerate the Indonesian energy transition through capacity building since element

40 Universities

SRE spread in 40 universities throughout Indonesia

400.000+ People

Reaching more than 400 thousand people

300+ Events

Conducted more than 300 events all across Indonesia.

Our Team

Peta Indonesia

Collaborating with 100+ universities and companies


Our Projects


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White Paper

Indonesian Youth Determination for Clean Energy and Climate Action

The goal of this document is to provide entities in the energy and climate space with a set of lesson learned, barriers, path line recommendation, and the role needed to shape the young generation that able to contribute in the energy transition agenda. The document divided into two sections which are meaningful youth engagement and recommendation for Indonesia.


Proceeding Book

Conference Proceeding

Global Collaboration of Youth Changemakers in Renewable Energy Industry for Resolving Climate Change In The Future

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